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Siemens NX software is a flexible and powerful integrated solution that helps you deliver better products faster and more efficiently.

NX delivers the next generation of design, simulation, and manufacturing solutions that enable companies to realize the value of the digital twin. Supporting every aspect of product development, from concept design through engineering and manufacturing, NX gives you an integrated toolset that coordinates disciplines, preserves data integrity and design intent, and streamlines the entire process.


Available for Download

eBook- Insulin Pump Design in NX

NX delivers the next generation of design that enables you to deliver innovative products smarter and faster. NX provides a platform that is scalable, connected and collaborative. It provides solutions for electromechanical and generative design, integrated simulation and other core capabilities to improve the efficiency of medical device product design.

Next Generation Design - Marine - Solution Brochure

In the next-generation digital enterprise environment, shipbuilders require design and management systems that can be used to effectively work with enormous amounts of data while enabling efficient design of entire classes of ships. NX™ software is built on the component-based architecture of Siemens PLM Software, a technology for the design and management of large classes of products having millions of components spanning a large volume of space.

NX CAM - High Productivity Part Manufacturing Brochure

NX CAM – a complete solution for making better parts faster.

Siemens SW NX for Automotive E-Book

NX for automotive - Driving fast and efficient design.
Faster, more efficient design can help automotive companies comply with changing regulatory standards and capitalize on growth in emerging markets.

Siemens SW NX Mach design solutions FS

The NX Mach™ software products are prepackaged solutions delivering highperformance computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities of NX™ software, the leading solution for mechanical design.

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